Jerky Seasoning

Blend # Blend Name Blend Description
131 Jerky Seasoning

A blend of spices that enhances the natural flavor.

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132 Cajun Style Jerky Seasoning

Contains red, black, and white pepper for a spicy Cajun flavor.

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133 Peppered Jerky Seasoning

A popular blend with just the right amount of black pepper.

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134 Teriyaki Jerky Seasoning

Increasingly popular blend for jerky.

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135 Hot Teriyaki Seasoning

Extra hot flavor added to our popular teriyaki jerky.

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187 Jalapeno Jerky Seasoning

This seasoning is perfect for customers wanting a bit of heat balanced with a traditional jerky flavor. The addition of ground Jalapeno Pepper is just the right amount for all to enjoy.

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209 Brown Sugar Maple Jerky Seasoning

In a class of its own, very sweet with a full-bodied Maple flavor.