Snack Stick Seasoning

Blend # Blend Name Blend Description
116 Snack Stick

A perfect blend of spices that includes mustard and garlic for a flavor sure to please.

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157 BBQ Flavored Snack Stick Seasoning

Sweet and spicy, balanced with the right amount of Tomato, Onion, Garlic and a hint of Hickory Smoke.

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158 Pizza Flavored Snack Stick Seasoning

The perfect combination of Italian Spices, Garlic and Tomato that will add variety to your current snack stick line up.

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188 Jalapeno Snack Stick Seasoning

This slightly spicy blend lends itself to manufacturing a skinless or stuffed snack stick with the right amount of heat with every bite.

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205 Brown Sugar Maple Snack Stick Seasoning

Smooth, mellow and sweet with a distinct Maple flavor profile.

207 Pepperoni Snack Stick Seasoning

Fennel, Caraway and Garlic makes for a perfect Italian flavor profile.

221 Bayou Snack Stick

The Bayou Stick incorporates the herbal complexity of Cajun cuisine without over-whelming heat. The blend is sure to surprise.

222 Cracked Pepper Snack Stick

A full, rich Eastern European Flavor with Garlic, Onion, Coriander, & complimented by Cracked Pepper. This blend provides rich flavor and excellent visual appeal.

223 Tex Mex Snack Stick

This Southwestern Blend is truly the best of both worlds. With Chili Pepper, Garlic, and Black Pepper, you cannot go wrong.