2319 1st Ave N Birmingham, Alabama

How many places have you called home in your lifetime? According to the US Census Bureau the typical American will move 11.7 times in their life. For some that seems like an exorbitant number and to others it seems miniscule. Did you know that A.C. Legg, Inc. has only moved two times in its #Journeyto100?

Our second home was at 2319 1st Ave N Birmingham, Alabama when we moved to a full sausage seasoning manufacturer. This home served us well for over 65 years before we made the move to Calera in 2001. Like most growing families we needed more space to spread out and needed to create areas devoted to each family member or department.

We are happy to say that our second home is now home to many more families as the A.C. Legg Lofts. Our arched windows, intricate brick work and stunning views of downtown can still be found in the historic building we called home.

The 2nd home of A.C. Legg, Inc. in Birmingham, Alabama