A Barrel of History

At A.C. Legg, Inc., we take pride in making food products that help bring families together. We’ve been told that our seasonings become part of recipes passed down from generation to generation and contribute to shared memories retold throughout the years. For almost a century, we have worked hard to build and support good relationships with our customers and their families, too.

Recently, a gentleman from another state reached out to us with story of how A.C. Legg, Inc., has touched his life. He had been cleaning out his grandmother’s attic when he found an old Legg’s Seasoning barrel once used to ship our products. He recalled that his grandmother stored her Christmas ornaments in this barrel, and that over the years, he became emotionally attached to the memories the barrel held.

He believes his father probably brought the barrel home at some point during his tenure as a meat manager with A & P. While he hated the idea of parting with a piece of his family’s history, he wanted to ensure it would be treasured again by its next owner. So, this barrel full of A.C. Legg’s history unexpectedly returned to us as a generous donation by its former owner, and today we proudly display it as part of our #Journeyto100.