About Us

oldbuilding2A.C. Legg Packing Company, Inc. was founded in 1923 in Birmingham, Alabama by Mr. Andrew C. Legg and two business partners.

Mr. Legg crafted and retailed his secret recipe pork sausage for a number of years in the downtown-Birmingham meat market, and eventually believed that he could share his Southern Style sausage seasoning with all of the United States. Thus, Legg’s Sausage Seasoning was born.

In 1936, Mr. Charles W. Purvis was hired as an office employee at A.C. Legg, and over the next few years, he became the General Manager, purchased stock, and eventually acquired ownership of this company he loved and had helped establish.

This legacy of excellence and pride continues today, as A.C. Legg is still a family-owned business. Charles Purvis’s sons, Jim and Charles, are currently CEO/President and Executive Vice President, respectively, and his grandchildren are actively serving within the company, as well.

Since 1936, Mr. Purvis’s motto was, “Education is something that, once attained, cannot be taken away,” and this philosophy of educated excellence is what drives us to continually learn, adapt and grow in order to achieve the best results possible for our customers.

Our Mission

Strengthened by the pillars of quality, consistency, service and quick response,
we believe that our single-minded dedication to our customers’ satisfaction
is what has made us successful for almost a century.


We provide you with only the finest spices obtained from trustworthy, Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) compliant sources. An excellent end product starts here.


In order to meet your customers’ expectations for the same great product time after time, we maintain long-standing relationships with our suppliers to ensure that our products are always unswervingly consistent.


We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and on being available to answer your questions. Our goal is to help you surpass your new opportunities and challenges as they arise.

Quick Response

We understand that you don’t have time to spare. So, to ensure that you have your products ready when you need them, we have finely tuned our turnaround time to be the one of the fastest (if not the fastest) in the business.