Built Upon a Flavor

Have you ever wondered why we say we are “Built Upon a Flavor”? Why we are so proud of that one statement that we display it everywhere we can now? It’s because since 1923 it’s the “Sausage Seasoning You’ve Been Looking For!” When A.C. Legg Packing Company was organized in May of 1923 our owners had one blend in mind to build their foundation upon. It was our Sausage Seasoning or Blend10 or 1025 as it is sometimes referred to as.

The first barrel of sausage seasoning would leave A.C. Legg destined for Jonesboro, Arkansas in December of 1923 and officially begin our #Journeyto100. This blend is a true “Southern Style” pork sausage seasoning. It has a relatively high level of sage, red pepper and black pepper. It is the product we owe our success to. For some perspective we sold 34,842 cases or 418,104 pounds of Blend 1025 in 2021. Our second most popular, Blend 107 BBQ Seasoning and Rub, sold 7,323 cases or 87,876 pounds. Comparing the numbers make it easy to see why we take such pride in Blend10!