Celebrating Transitions

For senior students, the months of May and June are known as the “graduation season.” It is a time to celebrate their accomplishments and achievements earned through many years of studying, researching, attending classes, writing papers, taking tests, and completing projects. But most importantly, it is a time of transition. This transition can be the hardest for high school students.

For those of you who have or who know seniors in high school, graduation time can be a very exciting-but-scary venture. They must figure out how to navigate the adult world as they continue maturing and establishing new identities in the workforce, military service, or college. But the important roles we have as parents, older siblings, family members, or neighbors are not done just yet. For these students to be successful, most new graduates still need some form of direction and accountability.

Enjoy the celebrating graduation season while remembering that it is an important transitional process for these young men and women. They still need your advice, guidance, and support to successfully enter into adulthood. We at A.C. Legg, Inc., would like to congratulate all the graduates of 2022 whose hard work and dedication have paid off. We wish them the best as they start the next season of life, whatever that may hold.