It’s Bacon Day!

IT’S BACON Day! Do we really give bacon the credit it deserves? This versatile meat is typically thought of as a side item to a breakfast favorite, but it can also liven up any dish that it finds itself utilized in. No BLT is complete without the first, and some would say, main component. What would a pork loin or meatloaf be without the bacon wrapped around it? This salty, smoky, fatty meat brings a depth of flavor to any meal.

Our Legg’s Country Bacon Cure, Blend 218, is a classic cure that allows the user to add their preferred flavor to any bacon. Whether you like your bacon extra crispy or a little on the chewy side our chef believes both have practical applications. If you prefer your bacon on the chewy side, he recommends a thicker cut while those that are looking for the flavor, minus a little fat, can utilize a center cut. Bacon cooked in your frying pan not only fries itself but allows the drippings to be utilized for flavor in other dishes. If you are looking for a different experience with that first taste of bacon, consider utilizing your oven to allow for a longer cook time and a unique bite of an old favorite. Whatever you’re cooking or taste preference we hope that today you enjoy bacon, bacon, bacon.

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