Manufacturing Tips for Perfection

Have you ever thought about making your own sausage but are instantly intimidated by the process? Do you feel like you are one step away from the perfect jerky? Is your marinade not adding the flavor you expected? If you are facing any of these culinary challenges, we recommend consulting A.C. Legg’s website or Manufacturing Tips for Perfection pamphlet.    

This small-but-mighty manual was created in the mid-2000s at the request of our salesmen because they wanted something that our customers could refer to when a question arose at any time of day. The pamphlet also helped to offer customers multiple ways to utilize many of our blends. If you see us at a trade show or meet one of our sales team members, ask them for your own copy of A.C. Legg’s Manufacturing Tips for Perfection pamphlet. You can also find additional tips on our website.