Mrs. Elizabeth Blanchard

Did you know that the first female CEO was Anna Bissell in 1889? That the first female CEO of a Fortune 500 company was Katherine Graham in 1972? More importantly did you know that in our #Journeyto100 A.C. Legg’s 5th and only female president was Elizabeth Blanchard in 1975?

Mrs. Blanchard would work with Mr. Charles Purvis to run A.C. Legg, Inc., eventually hiring James E. Purvis, Charles’ son, for inside sales. Mrs. Blanchard always knew that the next family to own A.C. Legg and the President to run the company and carry on her family’s legacy should have the last name Purvis. In 1977 when she passed away, she left the option to buy her stock to Mr. Charles W. Purvis who would go on to own controlling interest of A.C. Legg, Inc.