National Garlic Day

It’s National Garlic Day! This is one of those strange days we can get behind. Did you know that, from a botanical perspective, garlic is a vegetable—not an herb or spice? Think of all those years you were eating a vegetable without even knowing it!

Our Butter/Garlic Marinade Seasoning (Blend 144) is made of the perfect proportions of butter and garlic, which complement beef, pork, poultry, and seafood so well. A.C. Legg’s website includes directions for using this blend in a vacuum tumbler or as a soak, if you need some hints along the way.

You can purchase our Butter/Garlic Marinade Seasoning by visiting our Distributors’ page and purchasing Blend 144 directly from one of our distributors. If you have used our Butter/Garlic Marinade Seasoning, let us know what you think about the flavors!