National Salami Day

Dust off your charcuterie board because its National Salami Day! The picturesque charcuterie board includes things like cheese, fruit, compotes, and dry cured meat products such as salami. We can thank our European ancestors for the concept and popularity of salami. Dry curing meat preserves if for a longer period and allows for the development of complex and unique flavors.
Our Salami Seasoning, Blend 186, is a great classic salami flavor that includes notes of coriander and mustard that draw back on the “Old World” European influences. Our chef recommends ensuring that salami done with our seasoning be served chilled or on a sandwich if you want to skip the fancy charcuterie setup. The thickness of your salami cut is based upon preference with sandwich cuts being thinner than those served on a charcuterie board. Salami is a versatile meat that can please the pallet in any situation. Visit our Distributor page to order your Salami Seasoning, Blend 186, today!