“Built Upon A Flavor” The Story of Legg’s OPS Blend #10

oldbuilding2“Built Upon A Flavor” is more than just a tagline for A.C. Legg, Inc. It is, quite literally, the foundation of our business. Sausage Blend #10 is where it all began…

The Foundation of the Flavor

In 1923, Andrew C. Legg owned and operated a meat market on 2nd Avenue North in downtown Birmingham. As was the norm at that time, the meat market was where the locals all came to secure their meats for the week ahead.

Mr. Legg enjoyed experimenting with different combinations of seasonings and spices to attain a variety of perfect flavor blends that made his meats stand out to customers. His attention to the uniquely Southern palate culminated in a deep appreciation for the use of sage and its influence on the taste and aroma of meats, especially that of sausage.

His best-selling sausage was based off his secret Blend #10, which produced a sage-heavy Southern style pork sausage. This blend was the culmination of many years of testing and tweaking, and he dreamed of sharing this Pork Sausage Seasoning with all of America.

When two local businessmen approached Mr. Legg about selling his regionally-famous sausage beyond Birmingham by distributing his famous Blend #10 to butchers, farmers, and meat enthusiasts across the country, the A.C. Legg Packing Company was born.

So you see, the business was literally built upon a flavor… Blend #10.  

If It’s Not Broke…

Today, the Legg’s Old Plantation Seasonings line has expanded to include over eighty unique blends designed to satisfy changing tastes. However, our Blend #10 remains unchanged. This original, handcrafted Old Plantation Pork Sausage Seasoning is the same “born and bred in the South” recipe that we package and sell today via our many distributors nationwide.

The seasoning still incorporates Mr. Legg’s perfectly proportioned amounts of sage, bright red pepper and savory black pepper that gives it a true “Southern Style” flavor. The detail of visible crushed red pepper in the finished sausage product gives it a very rustic, homemade visual appeal.

We are proud to have fulfilled A. C. Legg’s dream of sharing his best-selling (still!) flavor across the U.S. via our coast-to-coast network of A.C. Legg seasoning distributors.

OPS Blend #10 = Endless Applications

Although this timeless blend was initially designed specifically for the use of seasoning pork sausage, over the years, its many creative applications have evolved to include seasoning holiday dressing, manufacturing souse and headcheese, using it as a rub for pork shoulders and ribs, and much more! 

If you have not yet tried OPS Blend #10 – the original flavor that our company was built upon – we encourage you to do so.

Create Your Own Legendary Flavor

In addition to carrying A.C. Legg’s cornerstone sausage seasoning into the future, we also continue aspiring to emulate Mr. Legg’s creativity, passion and attention to flavor details through our own custom seasoning blends. If you have a unique seasoning blend that you just can’t wait to try, consider connecting with our flavor development team today to create your own distinctive flavor to build upon.