These days, pizza comes in many forms – veggie, meat-lovers, dessert, plain cheese – but with the help of one simple ingredient, it has become a staple of American cuisine. That ingredient is oregano, whose history is just about as rich as its flavor.

After World Was II ended, American soldiers returned from tours in Italy with a newly developed love for pizza, and oregano’s popularity skyrocketed. Because Mediterranean or European varieties are ideal for many savory and tomato-based dishes, Americans began stocking their spice cabinets with dried, chopped leaves or fresh sprigs of oregano.

History suggests oregano was used for medicinal purposes and has a strong presence in ancient folklore for its supposed magical properties. Oregano means “joy of the mountains” in Greek and became a symbol or joyous occasions and good health. Some believed the herb could be used as an antidote for poison or in love potions to enhance a relationship. Cue Lady and the Tramp spaghetti dinner imagery.

We at A.C. Legg feel that the oregano in our Italian Marinade, Blend 128, enhances this flavorful and colorful blend of Mediterranean spices. While we can’t guarantee a Lady and the Tramp moment, we do believe cooking with our Italian Marinade will improve any relationship, or at the very least, any meal. You can find Blend 128 and all our other delicious blends on our Distributor Page.

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