Seasonings Bottled Blends

bottlesFor years, our loyal customers have asked us to bottle some of their favorite specialty blends. So, we are proud to introduce Legg’s OPS Seasonings in bottles.  These featured blends are among some of our most popular seasonings for daily cooking uses.

Like our other Legg’s OPS Seasonings, they can only be purchased from us by distributors.  Our minimum order for prepaid freight is 500 lbs of bottles.  Each case holds 12 bottles.

**Due to current market conditions, we are unable to accept orders of bottled items at this time.

Blend # Blend Name Blend Description
78000 & 75060 Gourmet Steak Seasoning

This is not a typical steak seasoning. With flavor notes of coriander, dill, and minced garlic and a hint of heat. This steak seasoning is top shelf. Also great on pork and poultry.

*Available in both 8.4 oz. & 16 oz. bottles

78010 Seasoned Salt

A truly All Purpose Seasoning that compliments Beef. Pork, Poultry and Seafood.

*Available in both 8.4 oz. & 16 oz. bottles

78020 French Onion Dip Mix

One of our favorites. It was originally designed to be added to sour cream or Greek yogurt to make dip. Also great on chicken.

78030 Taco Seasoning

A popular blend with a taste appeal for the entire family. It can be used on beef, poultry, or even to make a tasty taco dip.

78040 Chili Seasoning

The perfect blend of Chili Pepper, Cumin and a host of other spices to create a quality Chili. Can also be used for Tacos, Enchiladas and many other tasty entrees.

78060 Fry Seasoning

All purpose seasoning that adds a new dimension to French Fries and many other meats and vegetables.

78070 Barbecue Seasoning

This blend of seasonings can be either sprinkled on meat after it is cooked, or used ahead of cooking as a marinade.

*Available in both 8.4 oz. & 16 oz. bottles

78080 Brown Sugar Sweet BBQ Rub

This rub will remind you of a St. Louis, Memphis, and Southern Barbecue all in one package. Sweet with a nice balance of onion, tomato, and smoke.

*Available in both 8.4 oz. & 16 oz. bottles

78090 Cajun Seasoning

Rich in color and flavor but not hot – the right balance of a combination of peppers, onion and garlic.

*Available in both 8.4 oz. & 16 oz. bottles

78100 Garlic & Pepper Seasoning

A must have Seasoning for the grill! Large particulate Black Pepper with distinct Garlic notes. The perfect complement for steaks and chops.

*Available in both 8.4 oz. & 16 oz. bottles

78120 Fine Ground Sage

A must have Spice to make a true Southern Sage Sausage from an existing Mild or Hot product. Also used in many other recipes. Superior to any Sage on the market.

78130 Table Grind Black Pepper

A rich and robust outstanding quality Black Pepper.

78140 Southern Style Cornbread Dressing Seasoning

Take the guess work out of making Southern Style Dressing. This Seasoning will make an award winning side dish.

Working Instructions
78150 Creole Seasoning

In the Cajun tradition, a robust Seasoning with a complexity of flavor and color.

75050 Lemon & Pepper Seasoning

Not to be confused with Lemon Pepper – this blend displays a large particulate Black Pepper with an equal note of Zesty Lemon

*Available in both 8.4 oz. & 16 oz. bottles

76490 Fajita Seasoning With Tenderizer

Tex-Mex all the way with a hint of tenderizer to guaranty a tender and flavorful Fajita. Can be used with many cuts of Beef.

76500 Seasoned Meat Tenderizer

An All Purpose Seasoning that provides a nice balance of flavor, including Garlic and Onion and a hint of tenderizer to enhance the tenderness of all cuts of meat.