Marinades & Rubs

A.C. Legg strives to create a diverse line of flavors that are mouth-wateringly delicious. Our marinades and rubs are universal flavors that can be utilized interchangeably further expanding your culinary options. Whether you have time to allow your protein to marinate or your time is limited our blends give your meal a boost in flavor. Your friends and family are sure to award you the title of Grill Master!

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  • Butter Garlic Marinade
    Perfect proportions of butter and garlic make this blend perfect for beef, pork, poultry, and seafood.
  • Mesquite Marinade
    A good Southwestern flavor that elevates your protein of choice by adding a smoky flavor.
  • Lemon Pepper Marinade
    Lemon and pepper blended in perfect proportions. Everyone loves this blend for its citrus and blackpepper heat.
  • Teriyaki Marinade
    Especially good for poultry and beef, this blend brings an Asian profile to your marinade.
  • New Orleans Marinade
    A jazzy blend of whole herbs including rosemary and thyme, spices and garlic. The perfect complement for value added Pork, Poultry and Seafood.
  • Garlic Parmesan Marinade
    Equal parts of Garlic and Parmesan with visual herbs and spices makes this marinade a first choice for “A Taste of Italy.”


  • All American BBQ Rub
    Full of rich flavor, this blend incorporates several different BBQ styles to create an all-around, all-American favorite. Southern Sweet, Carolina tang and Midwestern bold flavors will please all Barbecue connoisseurs.
  • Barbecue Seasoning and Rub
    For those that prefer a lighter sweet note, this versatile blend of seasonings can be either sprinkled on meat after it is cooked, or used ahead of cooking as a marinade.
  • Brown Sugar Sweet Barbecue Seasoning and Rub
    This rub will remind you of a St. Louis, Memphis, and Southern Barbecue all in one package. Sweet with a nice balance of onion, tomato, and smoke.
  • Gourmet Steak Seasoning
    This is not a typical steak seasoning. With flavor notes of coriander, dill, and minced garlic and a hint of heat, this steak seasoning is top shelf. Also great on pork and poultry.

Wing Rubs

  • Buffalo Wing Rub
    The traditional New York wing flavor is now available as a dry topical rub. Warm, rich, and tangy with the hints of heat and taste of vinegar that will satisfy even the most discriminating wing connoisseur. Not limited to wings, this rub is a spicy addition suitable for all meats.
  • Jerk Wing Rub
    A rub that includes Allspice, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, with a hint of Orange. This lively Jamaican-inspired blend is full of bright tropical flavor.
  • Spicy Orange Wing Rub
    This full-flavored rub plays on the famous American-Asian dish with a sweet and spicy, orange-inspired bite.
    Great complement for poultry, pork and fish.
  • Hot Honey Wing Rub
    The name says it all! This wing flavor plays on the beloved sweet-heat combo by pairing the delicious taste of
    honey with a spicy kick. Do not limit this blend to just chicken wings. Try as a marinade or dry rub on a variety of

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