Old Plantation Seasoning Blends for Retail and Food Service

Blend # Blend Name Blend Description
113 Meat Loaf Seasoning

A spice combination especially blended to produce a homemade meat loaf flavor.

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117 Salisbury Steak Seasoning

Contains just the right proportions of onion, bell pepper, and celery for a homemade taste.

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118 Onion Steak Seasoning

This blend’s full-flavored taste is sure to please.

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124 Taco Seasoning

A popular blend with a taste appeal for the entire family.

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176 Chili Seasoning

The perfect blend of Chili Pepper, Cumin and a host of other spices create a quality Chili. Can also be used for Tacos, Enchiladas and many other tasty entrees.

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178 Spaghetti Sauce Mix

A seasoning rich in spices and herbs of Italian tradition. Oregano, Fennel, and a hint of Garlic combined with other pleasing flavors makes this blend the perfect choice. Can also be used for Pizza, Lasagna and any recipe requiring the best in Italian flavor.

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184 Onion Steak (No MSG) (Allergen Free)

All of the flavor, now without MSG or Allergens.

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185 Salisbury Steak (No MSG) (Allergen Free)

Our popular blend of onion, bell pepper, and celery, without MSG or Allergens.

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