Our Dedication to Quality

At A.C. Legg, we’ve built our reputation on creating celebrated products at competitive prices. Our core values of quality, consistency, service and quick response have served as our pillars of strength that support our long-lasting relationships with our partners and suppliers… some, extending for over half a century!


The most important component of our commitment to quality is food safety.  Working with food is a privilege, and keeping our food products safe is an absolute essential. We work diligently to maintain safe food at every level of our operation.

To monitor our food safety and sanitation program, we contract with Silliker, a Mérieux NutriSciences Company. We earned SQF Code Level 2 certification in 2012, and our most recent SQF audit score is 99.3. (Excellent)

A.C. Legg operates under a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point system (HACCP) to assure the safety of our food products. Our HACCP system is monitored, verified, validated, and reviewed in its entirety at least annually by administrative personnel and third-party outside consultants.



We understand that our customers value consistency, and that each custom blended seasoning batch must be the same as the last in order to maintain the top-notch flavors that our customers (and yours!) have come to expect.

The procurement of ingredients at A.C. Legg is handled by our highest level of management, and all of our spice specifications meet or exceed the standards of the American Spice Trade Association. Spices are contracted to maintain our rigid specifications and to assure that blends remain consistent throughout the year.  We have developed partnerships with our suppliers to guarantee that we are only purchasing the best quality spices available.

Every order received at A.C. Legg is reviewed by Quality Assurance Managers at each stage of the production process and is constantly monitored and rechecked throughout the mixing, blending, and packaging stages to ensure quality and consistency. All orders are given a final inspection prior to being shipped to confirm blend name, date manufactured, lot number, and shipping materials (bill of lading, labels, etc.).



All custom blends are handled with confidentiality and considered proprietary information. Each order is accompanied with a letter of guarantee and pure food declaration. Further percentage breakdowns are always available upon request.

Our Customer Service representatives and regional distributors are available to answer questions, address concerns and to make suggestions and recommendations when needed.

Considering the current landscape of the food industry, A.C. Legg continues to invest in software upgrades and equipment purchases that will support our ongoing dedication to our customers’ ability to avoid recalls and to be fully prepared for whatever unforeseen circumstances may arise.

A.C. Legg is committed to staying on the cutting edge of new ingredient technology. Towards this end, we actively participate in, support, and maintain continued interactions with the following universities, trade associations and professional organizations:

Auburn University American Meat Institute
University of Georgia American Meat Science Association
Purdue University Institute of Food Technologists
Michigan State University American Association of Meat Processors
University of Arkansas American Spice Trade Association
University of Tennessee All State Associations
Iowa State University National Seasoning Manufacturers Association
Texas A&M University North American Meat Processors Association