Ready or not it’s Valentine’s Day!

In case you missed it, today is Valentine’s Day! We just wanted to warn you in case you forgot, it happens. If you haven’t made reservations for that fancy dinner or if you plan to stay in we have the perfect idea for you!
Gourmet Steak Seasoning, Blend 138, is perfect for a steak dinner cooked with love. You can even put two steaks together to show your love with your plating. This is not a typical Steak Seasoning. With flavor notes of coriander, dill, minced garlic and a hint of heat, this Steak Seasoning is top-shelf.
You can shop Blend 138 or any of our other products by visiting one of our distributors. You can find a list on our website. Now go grab some chocolate, some great veggies and impress your Valentine with an amazing dinner. Just call us Cupid!