The Bay Leaf

Can you guess what spice (now used in pot roasts and pickles) was used in ancient times to crown the heads of kings and heroes? Some observe a longtime legend that this spice brings good luck to whomever finds one in their meal. If you guessed the bay leaf, then you are correct!

The bay leaf, or laurel leaf, grows on the sweet bay tree, which is an evergreen belonging to the family Lauraceae. The tree produces dark green, thick, elliptical leaves and yellow-greenish, star-shaped flowers.

The significance of the bay leaf traces all the way back to ancient Greeks. They cultivated this tree and used the leaves to crown victorious athletes in their empire. They and the Romans recognized the bay leaf as a symbol of wisdom, peace, and protection.

In current times, bay leaves are often dried before use in culinary dishes. This spice contributes a nice aroma to herbal teas, stews, seafood, poultry, and vegetable dishes. A.C. Legg’s crown jewel is our Greek Marinade, Blend 146! This blend is a spicy and colorful combination of pepper, garlic, and herbs. You can find Blend 146 by visiting our Distributors’ page.

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