The Magic of a Meal

When we think of our fondest memories, we often tie them to sharing a meal together. For some of us, it’s remembering our grandmothers showing us the “secret ingredient” in the biscuit dough, or our parents turning the kitchen into a small-scale pizzeria where we could design pizzas with whatever endless toppings we wanted. For others, it’s the process of putting a new twist on traditional recipes in our own kitchens or cooking a special dish for holiday dinners with our friends and families each year.

In a three-story brick building along a cobblestone street in historic downtown Birmingham, A.C. Legg’s founders built the heart of our business around serving people who appreciate good food. The company began May 11, 1923 with Legg’s Old Plantation Pork Sausage Seasoning (Blend 10). This blend could be used not only with pork but also to season beef, other meats, poultry, and seafood dishes. As our company grew, the popularity of Blend 10 inspired the development of various custom blended flavors that could be used in kitchens and food manufacturing facilities across the U.S.

Over the past several decades, our company has continued to invest in creating quality flavors for generations of people who appreciate the simplicity of a homecooked meal and its ability to strengthen bonds among their families, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances. Find the blend that will bring your dish and family together on our Distributor’s page, Old Plantation Seasonings Distributors ( On A.C. Legg’s #Journeyto100, our company invites you to join us in the tradition of enjoying good food together as we celebrate our 99th year bringing your family together around a meal!