The Original Sales Contest

How many of you have helped a son or daughter, niece or nephew, or grandchild sale something for school? Most all of us groan when we see those flyers come home because we know the prize of a plushie, or slap bracelet is going to mean everything to the little one we love. So, we text every family member, beg on Facebook and promise to walk the neighbor’s dog to sale wrapping paper, sheets or books.

Now imagine that same child brought you this flyer? $100 First Prize reward in 1932! For perspective that would equal around $2,000 today. Now how much more effort would you put in to make those sales? A.C. Legg Packing really thought outside the box and offered their loyal customer base over the equivalent of $10,000 in prizes for selling a product they already knew and loved. Not only that but they paid $1.80 on every case sold!

If you are following along, you will see some of the other contests we have held in our #Journeyto100 but looking back this one shows the confidence our founders had in our product. It also shows how innovative they were not just in business but in marketing as well!

A.C. Legg, Inc. offered $500 in cash prizes to top sellers in 1932.