The Power of a Teacher

On National Teacher Day, take a moment to reflect on the teacher(s) who made a positive difference in your life. Did he or she teach you something in elementary school that you still remember today? Maybe this teacher shared something that changed your path in high school or college, or perhaps he or she was always just there with a smile and reassurance that gave you the confidence you needed to succeed.

The power of a teacher rests in the knowledge he or she possesses, as well as his or her influence in our lives. Our former President, Mr. Charles W. Purvis, often said that an “Education is something once attained cannot be taken away.” He also believed that endless possibilities existed when a student gained an education from a quality, attentive teacher.

A.C. Legg, Inc., is committed to staying at the forefront of new ingredient technology and innovation in the food industry. We actively support and maintain continued relationships with talented, knowledgeable educators and their universities, such as

So on this special day, don’t forget to reach out and thank your teachers for their contributions to your education and success in life. If you have children in school, remind them how valuable good teachers are to their education and help them show their appreciation to them throughout the school year.

We at A.C. Legg, Inc., would like to thank all the educators who have made a difference in the lives of our employees, families, and communities. Our teachers’ continued commitment to sharing their knowledge and passion for learning with children and adults is greatly appreciated.