The Sausage Tree

How often did your parents tell you “Money doesn’t grow on trees?” Well money may not but apparently sausage does, or at least a fruit that resembles it. In 1934 Mr. J.E. Phillips wrote one of our founders, Mr. Cowart, about a sausage tree in Miami, Florida. He even went as far as to include a photo which as you can imagine was not an easy task at that time. On our #Journeyto100 we have seen many things, but this is a first and only for most of us.

The Sausage Tree, Kigelia Pinnata if you want the scientific name, originates in South-East Africa. They grow along riverbanks, streams and in floodplains where they enjoy the wet soil. Its fruit, which resembles giant encased sausage, can grow up to 3 feet long and weigh up to 30 pounds each. They also produce a beautiful large, dark red flower from winter to early summer that hangs down from the tree on rope-like stalks. If you are thinking this sounds like a wonderful tree to have in your yard, we think your neighbors may disagree. These beautiful flowers may attract pollinators but drive humans away with their unpleasant odor. Plus who wants to get hit with a 30 pound sausage falling from a tree?

Attached is a letter regarding the Sausage Tree.