Snack Stick Seasonings

It’s time to once again be excited about snack time! Our snack stick blends allow your creativity to shine through as you find the flavor combination that best suits you. Whether you are looking for that authentic snack stick flavor or want to spice up your snack, we have the flavors that will make your mouth water. These versatile snacks are a great gift to share with friends and family or keep all to yourself!

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Snack Stick


  • Jalapeno Snack Stick
    This slightly spicy blend lends itself to manufacturing a skinless or stuffed snack stick with the right amount of heat with every bite.
  • Pizza Flavored Snack Stick
    The perfect combination of Italian spices, garlic and tomato that will add variety to your current snack stick line.
  • Brown Sugar Maple Snack Stick
    As a strong, sweet flavor our Brown Sugar Maple Snack Stick adds a distinct maple flavor profile with a hint of molasses.

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