Fajita Friday

It’s Friday, what’s for dinner? If you are having a hard time deciding, can we suggest Fajita Friday? Fajitas rely on the whole or sliced piece of meat to make them a handheld delicacy. Our chef recommends using chicken, steak, or shrimp. If using a chicken breast don’t overcook or you will dry out your meat. Cook to exactly 165F to ensure juicy and delicate strips. Steak you want something… Read More

Brown Sugar and BBQ

Since we Americans tend to have a sweet tooth, what better way to celebrate the changing of seasons than with a sweet brown sugar barbeque rub on ribs! Brown sugar is no ordinary ingredient–it has unique properties setting it apart from other kinds of sweeteners. Food manufacturers make brown sugar by extracting sugar juice from sugar beet or sugar cane plants and then cleaning, crystallizing, and drying the raw sugar…. Read More

National Snack Stick Day

We live in a world that requires us to be constantly on the go. Whether you’re a working parent, a busy executive or someone who just needs a snack on the go snack sticks are for you! These thin sticks pack quite the punch in both flavor and ability to satisfying hunger. At A.C. Legg we offer a variety of snack stick flavors including jalapeno to satisfy the spice lover,… Read More

License to Operate

Have you ever thought about doing on of the ancestry kits to find out more about your genealogy? You may question whether you are related to someone famous, where your ancestors came from or if someone in your family was part of a historical event. At A.C. Legg we are one of the lucky companies who do not have to wonder about our history, it is preserved all over our… Read More

It’s About Thyme!

If you haven’t already, it’s about time you tried thyme! Greeks burned thyme as an incense in sacred temples, while medieval women recognized it as a symbol of bravery and made scarves for knights to wear. Hailing from the mint family, Thymus vulgaris is the most common variety and contributes a subtle, warm flavor to cuisine. Thyme contains high amounts of vitamin K, iron and manganese and is a good… Read More

What’s that smell?

What’s that smell? Do you ever ride by our building and suddenly have a hankering for dinner? You can thank us for that! That delicious aroma you smell is coming directly from us. Today may be nutmeg and clove while tomorrow could be garlic and sage. With hundreds of spices running through our facility on any given day you never know what you will smell. In case you were wondering,… Read More

National Salami Day

Dust off your charcuterie board because its National Salami Day! The picturesque charcuterie board includes things like cheese, fruit, compotes, and dry cured meat products such as salami. We can thank our European ancestors for the concept and popularity of salami. Dry curing meat preserves if for a longer period and allows for the development of complex and unique flavors.   Our Salami Seasoning, Blend 186, is a great classic… Read More

King, or Queen, of the Grill

Who is manning the grill today? Is there always a fight for the last bratwurst at your BBQ? If you are using our Premium Bratwurst Sausage Seasoning, Blend 170, we can tell you why! It’s the delicious combination of sweet and warm spices, including nutmeg, that makes this traditional sausage, with roots from Wisconsin, a hit. Today we take nutmeg for granted, but our ancestors paid the price for its… Read More

It’s Bacon Day!

IT’S BACON Day! Do we really give bacon the credit it deserves? This versatile meat is typically thought of as a side item to a breakfast favorite, but it can also liven up any dish that it finds itself utilized in. No BLT is complete without the first, and some would say, main component. What would a pork loin or meatloaf be without the bacon wrapped around it? This salty,… Read More

Under Construction

Were you in Calera twenty-two years ago? Did you see the concrete being poured, the walls being erected and the roof going on our building? Did you wonder what in the world they were building on Hwy 31 South? There was no Facebook neighborhood page to inquire on for an answer so how did you find out that A.C. Legg, Inc was making its home in Calera? How did you… Read More