Let Us Know: How Do You Define What “Real” BBQ Tastes Like?

Virtually everyone has their own version of how they believe barbecue made its debut and became one of the most mouth-watering methods for preparing meats. Some say it was started by the Indians, others say it came from France. Some credit Europe, but we claim BBQ to be the truest form of Southern American cooking.

What Are Scoville Heat Units?

Have you ever eaten a hot sauce so hot, so spicy, that it filled your mouth with hot, steaming lava and made your eyes water like a broken sprinkler? Have you ever tasted a sauce that made you feel like the inside of your mouth was transforming into a four-alarm fire that made you sprint…
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5 Sausage Manufacturing Tips

Everyone loves sausage. Sausage is not just a ridiculously good breakfast food; it is also a mainstay of grills and tailgates and everything that is great about eating. You can find stellar sausage products at establishments ranging from local mom-and-pop diners to fine-dining restaurants. Tastes range from mild and succulent to savory, rich, and filled…
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Hot and Spicy

It is easy to make a spice/hot version of an existing fresh or smoked sausage by adding one ounce of ground red pepper, or one half each of ground red and crushed red pepper per 25 pounds of meat.


An even distribution of curing salt into a comminuted product will insure consistent color development. Consider mixing Curing Salt 6.25% Sodium Nitrite with a small amount of water prior to adding to the meat block. This will allow the curing ingredients to go into solution and provide better dispersion through the meat block.