Let Us Know: How Do You Define What “Real” BBQ Tastes Like?

Virtually everyone has their own version of how they believe barbecue made its debut and became one of the most mouth-watering methods for preparing meats. Some say it was started by the Indians, others say it came from France. Some credit Europe, but we claim BBQ to be the truest form of Southern American cooking.

OPS BBQ #107 in three different packaging forms for your convenience.
OPS #107 in three different packaging forms for your convenience

Barbeque, Barbecue, BBQ

Regardless of its true origin, the word, “barbecue” has become a powerful term that easily elicits the excitement of the sizzling sound and smoky scent of perfectly seasoned meats cooking on an open flame. This authentic method of incorporating actual wood smoke into the flavor of the meat is the key component of the definition what makes barbecue, barbecue.

Aside from the universally agreed-upon required component of a smoky flavor, the question of what BBQ should taste like is actually one of the most hotly contested food topics in restaurants, kitchens and backyards in America today. Over the years, BBQ preferences regarding types of wood smoke, various sauce bases and/or rub seasoning blends, and different kinds of meats have created loosely defined territorial regions throughout the States.

From the spicy and tangy Texas beef brisket to the sweet molasses Kansas City ribs, to the hickory smoked pulled pork of the Carolinas, there just doesn’t seem to be a “wrong” answer when it comes to BBQ.

At A.C. Legg, we love barbecue… So much so, that our authentic Southern BBQ seasoning and rub was one of our initial “magnificent seven” signature blends! Seasoning #107 provides the perfect amount of natural hickory smoke flavor to give your BBQ just the right depth of wood-fire flair, whether cooked in the kitchen or out on the grill.

Flawlessly balanced across the board, the OPS #107 Southern BBQ seasoning and rub delivers the lip-smacking flavors of garlic, onion, salt and just a hint of chili pepper warmth without carrying any sugary sweetness. No matter if you’re cooking pork, chicken, beef, lamb or seafood – in the oven, on the grill or out on the open range – you’ll be able to attain that powerful flavor that’s so authentically “barbecue,” you just might be able to convince everyone that you invented it!

But We Didn’t Stop There!

Our BBQ Blend #136 now available in a small bottle.
Our Blend #136 now available in a small bottle.

A few years after #107 became a big sensation by BBQ lovers, we released our Old Plantation Brown Sugar Sweet BBQ Blend #137. This Memphis and Southern style BBQ seasoning blend includes the classic smack of garlic, onion, the whisper of chili pepper, and of course that hickory smoke flavor found in our OPS #107… but rather than delivering a salty, savory BBQ rub, the generous addition of brown sugar, white sugar and tomato give it a spin of sweetness that’s “lick-your-fingers-clean” good! And perhaps sweetest of all, our Brown Sugar Sweet BBQ Rub is MSG-free!

So, now that the sun is spending more time shining, the birds are finally warming up their voices, and Spring has almost officially sprung, we want to know what you think… This barbecue season, is there a “right” way to do BBQ?

Sound off in the comments, or share your favorite OPS #107 or Brown Sugar Sweet #137 recipes with us!