Low-fat pork and beef seasoning?

Were you sweatin’ to the Oldies, utilizing your Thighmaster, or maybe hoping for a “Body by Jake” back in the 80s and 90s? Isn’t it funny to think back on our days spent in leotards and headbands, watching our VHS tapes on our console TV, while we danced around our living rooms? It seems like the whole family would end up dancing along by the end of the tape—mostly because we only had one TV in the house—and it created memories that will last a lifetime.

During our #Journeyto100 we have featured flavors for the latest fads in getting fit and shaving off a few pounds. In a 1990s partnership with Auburn University, our models attempted to trim a few inches by using the low-fat seasoning options we introduced. Although weight-loss fads have come and gone over the years, A.C. Legg’s commitment to providing you with wholesome, flavorful, and quality ingredients has always remained.

A 90s advertisement campaign for leaner seasoning.