Mr. D.B. Blanchard

If you’ve been following A.C. Legg’s #Journeyto100, you might have noticed we mentioned the name “Mr. D.B. Blanchard” when we introduced our 3rd President, Mr. Paul Blanchard. In the mid 1950s, Mr. D.B. Blanchard became our 4th President, continuing A.C. Legg’s status as a family-owned business. He honored our longstanding focus on providing a positive work environment, excellent service, and high-quality food products for other families in the local community and beyond. He went on to expand our operations, tripling A.C. Legg’s manufacturing and storage space to 31,000 square feet. He also added another 30,000 square feet of outside rental space to store raw materials and packaging supplies. Mr. D.B. Blanchard served as a key visionary who helped to ensure that A.C. Legg, Inc., continued to grow and prosper by driving our business into new territory.