License to Operate

Have you ever thought about doing on of the ancestry kits to find out more about your genealogy? You may question whether you are related to someone famous, where your ancestors came from or if someone in your family was part of a historical event. At A.C. Legg we are one of the lucky companies who do not have to wonder about our history, it is preserved all over our building.

As you walk our halls you will see former marketing campaigns, pictures of past presidents and even examples of our old packaging. If you visit our “library” you can dive deep into the past by consulting our giant, and I do mean giant, scrapbooks that are full of historical documents, stories, and pictures. A.C. Legg has always focused on the future while being sure to honor and preserve our past. One day if you visit our building be sure to take in the history that surrounds you and maybe even pop in our library to see our #Journeyto100 laid out page-by-page.