It’s About Thyme!

If you haven’t already, it’s about time you tried thyme! Greeks burned thyme as an incense in sacred temples, while medieval women recognized it as a symbol of bravery and made scarves for knights to wear.

Hailing from the mint family, Thymus vulgaris is the most common variety and contributes a subtle, warm flavor to cuisine. Thyme contains high amounts of vitamin K, iron and manganese and is a good source of calcium and fiber. Its volatile oils provide antimicrobial effect on bacteria while also protecting and increasing the amounts of healthy fats in the brain, kidneys, and heart cell membranes.

When cooking with thyme, fresh is always best. However, the dried leaves seem to hold their flavor longer than some other dried spices. Our Mesquite Marinade, Blend 142, is one we recommend all the time! You can find this southwestern flavor along with plenty of other blends to fill your time on our Distributor Page.

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