What’s that smell?

What’s that smell? Do you ever ride by our building and suddenly have a hankering for dinner? You can thank us for that! That delicious aroma you smell is coming directly from us. Today may be nutmeg and clove while tomorrow could be garlic and sage. With hundreds of spices running through our facility on any given day you never know what you will smell.

In case you were wondering, once you work here a few days you no longer notice the scents making their ways through the hallways and stairwells. This is due to a phenomenon known as Olfactory fatigue or nasal fatigue. You may even hear it referred to as nose blindness. This happens when smells become less noticeable due to your exposure to them. This may occur at work or home, somewhere that you spend a lot of time. It is an adaptation that allows you to lessen your smell of common scents in your surroundings so that uncommon or potentially dangerous scents can become more pronounced. Now that isn’t to say that we don’t still get a good whiff of something every so often and enjoy a kick to the senses. After all, we run a lot of spicy ingredients through this building.

Today we celebrate 21 years of bringing delicious scents to Calera. Our loved ones, bank tellers and waitstaff can all attest to the smells we carry with us when we leave these walls. Even the unsuspecting stranger may get a good sniff in the grocery aisle after we leave. We appreciate the support of the residents and leadership of Calera over the last two decades and hope you have enjoyed the aromas we provided you along the way. Calera, we are proud that you are part of our #Journeyto100.