Mr. A.C. Legg

On our journey to 100 please allow us to introduce you to a few of the visionaries that made this milestone possible and give you a little history lesson in the process.

A.C. Legg Packing Company was incorporated in Birmingham, Alabama in 1923 by Mr. A.C. Legg, Mr. Leon Cole, and Mr. J.V. Cowart. Mr. Legg’s original business was a successful sausage business that he started with just $17.25.

Realizing the real success of his business was in the seasoning, he decided to create sausage seasonings for the world to enjoy. He and his partners started with Legg’s Old Plantation Pork Sausage Seasoning. They would eventually go on to add bologna, wiener, bratwurst, and smoked sausage to their line of products. Mr. Legg’s imagination and drive would lead A.C. Legg Packing CO., Inc. to become the World’s Largest Blenders of Pork Sausage Seasonings. The company would also receive Flavor Approval by Good Housekeeping Institute.

Unfortunately, this piece of history on 22nd Street between 1st & 2nd Ave North in Birmingham is now just that and has been turned into a parking lot. However, the legacy, “Built Upon a Flavor”, of Mr. Legg, Mr. Cole and Mr. Cowart lives on in Calera, AL.