Ginger, the Root of NS4

Have you ever wondered what ginger was? It is obviously a spice but is it a root? Maybe a stem? Could it even be a fruit? If you guessed it was a root you would be correct. It comes from a flowering plant and is one of the healthies spices on earth. It can aid in reducing nausea or even in fighting the flu. The gingerol is responsible for it’s healing properties and is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Ginger is a versatile spice that can be used fresh, dried, powdered or even as an oil. It can bring that extra boost to your sweet and savory dishes or your drinks. Ground or powdered ginger is delicious in sweets while fresh ginger can be grated or chopped. Fresh ginger can have a sweet flavor but will turn bitter if burned.

At A.C. Legg we use ginger in our NS4 Pork Sausage Seasoning. This is a mild pork sausage seasoning that contains no sage, instead the sage is replaced by nutmeg and ginger to give the sausage a delicate flavor. If you are looking for a new pork sausage seasoning to try we recommend giving NS4 a try. You can find it and our other pork sausage seasonings by shopping our distributor page. Let us know if you have tried NS4 and what you thought about this blend. Did you miss the sage or did the nutmeg and ginger bring another layer to your sausage that you were missing?

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