Marketing Materials through the Years

Have you ever picked up a pen at your local Credit Union or a key chain at your insurance agent’s office? These are marketing material and giveaways that companies use to get their name out in the world. Generally, companies utilize items that are specific or utilized within their industry. The key chain at your insurance office, because it puts their name in front of you each time you get in your car or unlock your front door.

We do the same thing at A.C. Legg, Inc. and we have for centuries. Some of our items have changed over our #Journeyto100, such as our lighters and seasoning cans, while others such as writing utensils, pens instead of pencils, have remained a staple in our marketing giveaways. We hope when you see us next that you will grab something to remind you of us and our fantastic flavors each time you use it.