Fajita Friday

It’s Friday, what’s for dinner? If you are having a hard time deciding, can we suggest Fajita Friday? Fajitas rely on the whole or sliced piece of meat to make them a handheld delicacy. Our chef recommends using chicken, steak, or shrimp. If using a chicken breast don’t overcook or you will dry out your meat. Cook to exactly 165F to ensure juicy and delicate strips. Steak you want something that is a little leaner and cut against the grain to get a more tender bite of meat. Make sure your steak reaches a minimum of 145F internal temperature. Shrimp is again something you don’t want to overcook because it becomes very chewy. Cook to 145F for an ideal part of your meal.

We recommend using our Blend 151, Fajita Marinade, for your Fajita Friday meal. Make sure you marinade your choice of meat for a minimum of 30 minutes to maximize flavor. If you have a vacuum sealer, you can utilize it infuse your choice of protein with our delicious marinade more thoroughly. If you are enjoying bell peppers and onions with your fajitas, you can marinate those with your protein before cooking all together.

Hopefully these tips from our resident chef and our Blend 151 will make your Fajita Friday a success. Just be sure to utilize one TBSP of our marinade per one pound of meat. You can find this blend and our other delicious flavors on our Distributor Page.