Journey to 100

Do you know how many current companies have celebrated 100 years in business? We are proud to say in May 2023 we will be one of approximately 500 companies who can celebrate that milestone! Just so you understand our excitement this means that only .00897 percent of current US companies in existence are over 100 years old!

Over their years one of these fortunate companies has helped you “Refresh Yourself”, reminded you they are “the Real Thing”, become the “Official Soft Drink of Summer” and prompted you to “Open Happiness”. At A.C. Legg, Inc. we have always appreciated what our founder was able to accomplish and have celebrated being “Built Upon a Flavor”. We like to believe that Mr. Legg knew his product, company and tag line would stand the test of time when he began our journey in 1923.

This year we hope you will join us on our #Journeyto100 as we look back over the history of A.C. Legg, Inc., explore the current culture of a 99-year-old company and celebrate the future together! Let us know if you have a special memory or story pertaining to A.C. Legg as we would love to have as much history to pass on as possible and thank you for allowing us to serve you for 99 years and counting!

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