National Chicken Wing Day

We don’t mean to start a Facebook debate but let’s be honest it is a legitimate question. Do you order flats or drums? If you are a wing eater you know it’s an important question! We had this debate recently here at the Legg. Some of us said drums because of the ease and amount of meat on an individual wing. Also, because it can get awkward eating a drum, if you know, you know. The other half said flats because they are very tender and are easier to consume. Notice the trend? Easy to consume.

Wings are so versatile they are easy to make and consume. If you do a traditional bake on them, you won’t get your wings as crispy but the ease of cooking in the oven is sometimes worth the tradeoff. A tip from our resident Chef would be to place them on a baking rack over your sheet pan to promote air circulation and help with crisping. Baking at 400F helps render out the fat of the wings.

If you have access to a fryer, frying is going to give you the classic crispiness that most people are used to. Just like the rest of the chicken make sure your wings reach 165F. Our Chef recommends frying at 350F and if you prefer your wings on the extra crispy side go slightly over 165F for your internal temperature.

At A.C. Legg we offer a Buffalo Wing Rub, Blend 161, for the traditional New York wing flavor. This blend offers a warm, rich, and tangy flavor with a hint of heat. Our chef recommends applying the rub before baking your wings but if you are frying shake on once done. For extra kick you can add more of the rub than our recipe recommends after cooking is complete. You can find our Buffalo Wing Rub and all our other delicious flavors on our Distributor Page.

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