Celebrating the Onion

Today we are celebrating the onion! We think this day should include celebrating with cheers, and a few tears. Let’s recognize all that the onion has to offer from its flavors to its aroma. With a variety of choices such as the sweet, white, red or yellow you can decide exactly which one is right for you and your meal. The versatility in preparation is also a key factor in the onion’s popularity. Raw, caramelized, or fried you can find some version that makes your mouth water.  While onions bring so much flavor to a meat or salad, they also offer vitamin C, antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin B6.

At A.C. Legg, Inc we are partial to our Sweet Onion & Garlic Sausage, Blend 220. This is a newer blend for us, developed in fall of 2020. This blend pairs onion, garlic, and a hint of sweetness leaving it an undiscovered gem for sausage makers. You can leave it fresh or cure it for the perfect smoked sausage flavor. It is also delicious when mixed in ground beef for a hamburger oozing with flavor. You can find our Sweet Onion & Garlic Sausage on Distributor Page along with all of our other delicious blends.

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