Premium Brown Sugar Maple Sausage Seasoning

Since we mentioned the Sausage Tree just a few days ago, are you now hungry for some really great sausage? We have lots to choose from! Our catalog of Legg’s Custom Blended Seasonings includes more than 30 sausage flavor selections. We have everything from sweet to spicy and breakfast to dinner with flavors that span the globe.
Today, we would like to highlight our Premium Brown Sugar Maple Sausage Seasoning, Blend 171. It has a brown sugar sweetness with a distinct maple flavor and aroma, giving it a nice breakfast note. If you are looking for something to go with your eggs, it is simply the best in maple and breakfast sausage flavor! You can also try this blend with venison or poultry with added fat for a different but still delicious breakfast flavor.
Have you tried this blend before? If so, us what you love about it. If you haven’t tried it yet, shop with one of our distributors to purchase the Blend 171 and a few more!

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