Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Did you know that in our current catalog on Legg’s Custom Blended Seasonings we have over 100 different selections? Can you take a guess as to what is not in our catalog on this St. Patrick’s Day? If you guess Corned Beef you would be correct!
You might be wondering why and we have the answer. It’s because Corned Beef is a difficult meal to make! If you are cooking Corned Beef today allow us to give you 5 tips to help your dish.
1. Rinse your meat before cooking!
2. Cook on low heat.
3. Add enough water to your pot.
4. Make sure to give yourself plenty of cooking time.
5. Slice against the grain!
We hope these tips help you produce a beautiful dish, even if it isn’t made with Legg’s Custom Blended Seasonings!