Legg’s Custom Blended Seasoning Expansion

If you have been following our #Journeyto100, you might remember that, in 1923, A.C. Legg, Inc., started with a single sausage seasoning. As times have progressed and people’s tastes and habits have changed, we have expanded our line of seasonings to cater to the needs of contemporary customers. Now, you can find flavors like Italian, Greek, and Creole seasonings, as well as tried-and-true favorites. We have organized our offerings into seven main categories, including rubs, marinades, and—you guessed it—sausage seasonings.

Over the last 99 years, we have added more than 100 different blends to our catalog, although you won’t necessarily find all of these products listed on our website. Because some blends appeal to niche markets or don’t get as much publicity in other regions, we offer these items as custom products. That way we can focus our Legg line on widely known and more popular flavors. A.C. Legg’s Technical Services and R&D departments specialize in identifying, creating, and promoting new flavor profiles to bring to your table each year, while honoring the traditional seasoning blends upon which our company was built.

Do you have a favorite blend that we have discontinued? Tell us about it and, who knows, maybe we will find a way to bring it back! You can also find a full list of our current blends and instructions for preparing foods with them on our website. Don’t forget to visit our Distributors’ page to order your perfect blend and maybe even find a new favorite.

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