Mr. J.V. Cowart

How many presidents do you think a company would have in its #Journeyto100? According to a study in 2017 the average president of a company serves 8 years. That averages out to around 12 presidents serving over 100 years of a company’s lifespan. A.C. Legg doesn’t believe in being average though, we believe in being extraordinary and breaking all the molds. We are proud to say we have had 7 intelligent visionaries lead us over our 100 years in business.

Joseph Verner “J.V.” Cowart was the second to take the helm as President of A.C. Legg Packing Company. According to an article entitled “Interesting People J.V. Cowart” in The American Magazine and Capt. Frank Valiant 2nd written in the 1930s A.C. Legg sold 2,400,000 pounds of seasoning in 1930. In terms of links this equated to seasoning 1,920,000,000 links of sausage or enough to circle the earth five time. Under Mr. Cowart the gross revenue jumped from less than $10,000 in 1924 to more than $1,000,000 in 1930. For all of his success Mr. Cowart was such a modest man he refrained from signing his name above the title of “President” even though he clearly deserved to hold the position.

J.V. & Annie Cowart with daughters Elizabeth and Martha