National Dog Day

It’s only fitting that during the dog days of summer and on National Dog Day we celebrate the most famous dog, the hot dog! National Hot Dog Day is always the third Wednesday in July which makes sense if you think about it, summertime is grilling time. Hot dogs are everywhere during the summer. Backyard grills, ball parks, picnics, street carts and campfires offer hot dogs loaded with all the trimmings or plain, however your heart and stomach desire.

While we don’t have a true total, we know that the National Hod Dog and Sausage Council report that we buy over 837 million packages of hot dogs at retail outlets and over 20 million hot dogs at baseball stadiums alone. Maybe you prefer the all-beef Chicago, the Texas chili dog, or an original New York dog. Either way you can thank the German immigrants of the 19th century for bringing this culinary masterpiece to America and introducing us to a staple of American cuisine.

At A.C. Legg we recommend our Bologna/ Frankfurter, Blend 125, if you are looking for the “old fashioned” hot dog flavor. You can find it and all our other delicious blends on our Distributor Page. Tell us in the comments how you like to dress your hot dog!

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