Under Construction

Were you in Calera twenty-two years ago? Did you see the concrete being poured, the walls being erected and the roof going on our building? Did you wonder what in the world they were building on Hwy 31 South? There was no Facebook neighborhood page to inquire on for an answer so how did you find out that A.C. Legg, Inc was making its home in Calera? How did you find out what A.C. Legg, Inc. was?

In August of 2000 construction was under way! Our 131,000-square-foot new home, a dream years in the making, was starting to come to life. Our new building would house us all under one roof. Before constructing this new facility, our business was spread over three buildings and 70,000 square-feet and we were bursting at the seams with no room to grow.

It took a little over a year for construction to be completed, but by September of 2001 we had officially moved in. Our offices, blending, lab and receiving make up the top floor of our building. On the bottom floor you will find packaging and shipping. This setup, dreamed up by our President James Purvis during our #Journeyto100, allows us to function efficiently while also allowing for future growth!