One Scoop at a Time

From the Eastern Coast of the Adriatic Sea, through the Port of Elizabeth in New York, Dalmation Sage makes its way to A.C. Legg. Upon arrival in 50 Kilo (110 pound) bales, our in-house staff starts the process of converting this aromatic herb into a uniquely superior food ingredient. The Purchasing Department reconciles the orders, while Quality Assurance staff performs numerous assessments to assure it meets our high standards. Into the hammer mill it goes to be processed into many different grind sizes for our Pork Sausage Seasoning formulations.

Just how many pounds of Pork Sausage are we instrumental in providing the flavor that so many generations of customers continue to compliment and enjoy every day? Processing over 250 tons of Sage each year is no easy task! Scoop after scoop is weighed, combined with numerous other ingredients, packaged, and shipped. Using the sage to calculate, A.C. Legg can proudly claim that we flavor over 300 million pounds of Pork Sausage each year! The Legg’s Custom Blend line alone results in flavoring over 20 million pounds of Pork Sausage. One customer accounts for close to 50 million pounds each year!

Pork Sausage is only one category of the many further processed, value added seasonings we provide to the meat and food industry. Sage is only one ingredient of over 500 that we inventory. It has taken a great team effort to produce Pork Sausage and many other seasonings over our #Journeyto100 but we are proud to do it “one scoop at a time.”